About Cyclewrap
About Cyclewrap

In July 2016, after a 20 year career in the Oil and Gas industry, and 20+ years detailing concours cars, Chris Tilley decided to start Cyclewrap; a company specialising in paint protection, detailing & parts for bicycles.

Chris said “I was looking to protect my own bikes, and although I could find paint protection kits to buy online, they were not of the quality or coverage I was looking for, so I decided to start Cyclewrap, not only offering the best paint protection films available, but better coverage and finish along with outstanding customer service."

To ensure we offer only the best paint protection film, I spent time researching others markets to see what films are applied to hypercars such as Bugatti, McLaren & Lamborghini.   Cyclewrap offer the world’s leading Paint Protection Film Xpel, in either Ultimate Plus for Gloss or Stealth for Satin / Matte paint.  Each bike we protect is completely bespoke, no kits or standard shapes. Each bike is templated then the film printed off and applied.   Bikes can takes between 48 & 72 hours depending on how complicated it is.

Each bike we do is completely bespoke, we do not use kits or standard shapes.  Bike protection can be as much or as little as you wish.  Full or Partial frames, forks, crank arms, stems, wheels and anything else you, the customer requires.

Cyclewrap have been selected to protect a large range of road and mountain bikes, including casual riders, club and semi pro racers with international requirements including as far as Australia and Malaysia.

Cyclewrap has key accounts with the leading film manufacturers, are fully insured and also a member of the Association of Cycle Traders.


Cyclewrap can offer the following services :- 

Bespoke Installation of the best paint protection films on the market on any type of bicycle; from for Road, Gravel, Cyclocross & Mountain Bikes.   

We also offer paint services from light touch up of the odd paint chip to full Paint Correction & various levels of detailing to tidy those unsightly scratches and scuffs.


We are also an authorised Datatag Dealer,  


​We can supply parts, performing servicing and build custom bikes from scratch.   Please contact us for more details and a quote.   

Our Location

We are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, just off the M3, approx 35 minutes south west of Heathrow.


Please contact us to find out full details.

If you can't get to us,  we do accept frames via courier.     


Please contact us to find out more about a booking & our processes.