Inside Cyclewrap -  What happens to your bike? 

Every bike that comes into Cyclewrap gets the same care and treatment of our own bikes.  Our attention to detail in an attempt to return to you a perfect bike borders on OCD. The below shows the steps your bike will go through.  


We ask you to clean your bike before we get it, however sometimes it's necessary to wash it again, as the bike needs to be spotless prior to paint or paint protection installation.


We only use high end pH neutral detailing products, that is gentle to your bikes paintwork and a gentle degreaser to clean areas around the drivetrain. if needed. 

Condition Report 

Following washing and drying down your bike, every tube of your bike is carefully inspected, and any defects and marks recorded.

cube being washed prior to PPF installation
cannondale slate headtube
cyclewrap paint touchup service

Touch Up 

Should any chips or marks be identified during the  condition report, we can match the paint, touch up and flatten prior to adding paint protection film, restoring your bike to it's factory condition. 

cyclewrap paint correction service

Paint Correction

If you are unlucky enough to have a chip or paint damage, we offer a full paint correction service.  As you can see from the photo we can correct a light scratch to full depth lacquer damage. 


Like being fitted for a new suit, each bike we do is bespoke.  We measure each tube and place template paper / film onto your bike.   Once we have the shape of each piece required, we scan it into the computer and print out paint protection film. 

Paint Protection Film Application

The bike is then wiped down with an alcohol based preparation; and the paint protection film applied and squeegeed. 

PPF installation on a whyte
Cyclewrap waxing a Epic S-Works Torch Edition

Settlement / Check over

Once the film has settled (overnight) we go over the whole  bike to ensure a perfect finish.  If any pockets of fluid or disturbances that have occured, the film is lifted and fixed.


The bike is then prepared ready for customer collection or delivery.