Why use Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film Protects Your Bike and provides peace of mind.

Frequent and even light riding on roads or trails subjects your bike to road debris, rocks and other items that seem to be magnetically attracted to your paint of your bike causing unavoidable chips and scratches.  Have you ever scuffed the inside edges of your heels on your chainstay?   Eventually it scuffs and scratches.  Unless you have paint protection film installed on your bike you will undoubtedly begin to see the damage. Adding it will keep it looking good and increase resale value. 


You Won’t Even Know It’s There

A clear gloss or matte paint protection film lets your bike’s finish shine through while shielding it from damage. There are many brands of paint protection film available, so be sure to check out our page on paint protection film types.  The installation is a painstaking process which uses a combination of installation gel, alcohol and sometimes heat. When you use a top quality material applied by a qualified professional, you won’t even know it’s there!  


You can't see it 

We are often asked how thick is the film, how much does it weigh and will I be able to see it?    If installed correctly, you'll only be able to see quality paint protection film if it you look for the edges of the film.  The film Cyclewrap uses is approx 0.25mm thick and at under 90g installed on a large mountain bike, it's not noticeable in terms of weight either.    


Originally Developed by the Military, So You Know It’s Tough

Clear urethane protection film has been used to protect military vehicles in areas prone to gravel and rock chips since the 70's. It was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from airborne debris. Repairing the blades proved too costly, so the military developed clear film to shield the blades from gravel and stones. When debris hit the blades, it would damage the film, which could be replaced easily. The military continues to use protective films on its vehicles. The clear film was especially effective against damage from dust during Desert Storm in the early 1990s. The advantages of automotive protective film were first noticed by race car drivers in the 80s, who began using urethane film to protect their vehicles from dust and gravel from tracks and off-road races. Nowadays its common place to use paint protection film on supercars, protecting paint that is less durable than it used to be.  Paint protection film is still the best solution for protecting race cars and bikes. 


Custom Installation Offers Better Protection

Paint protection film is available in a pre-cut DIY designed kit or it can be custom cut and installed. Custom kits are more expensive because additional labour is involved. However, a custom cut kit offers a better fit because the film is cut and designed by a highly skilled technician specifically for your bike. It also provides the best coverage over all the bike, including wrapped edges. Custom installation is recommended over pre-cut kits for a smoother, seamless look and more comprehensive coverage. 


You are Protected by a Warranty

Paint protection film technology has come a long way in recent years. The days of yellowing, faded or cracked film over time are gone. Film manufacturers now offer warranty periods of five years plus and with Cyclewrap, you also get an installation warranty.

Why not come and visit, grab a cuppa coffee with us and see why paint protection film from Cyclewrap is the best investment you'll never see.

Paint Protection Film Types

Xpel Self Healing Film Test

Beware, all Paint Protection Films are not the same!  There are essentially 3 different types of paint protection film available on the market:


Value (non Clear coated) 

Films include; Ventureshield Standard Film, Avery Non Clearcoat. 3M Non Clearcoat 


The value films are generally found to be fitted as original equipment protection and commonly sold in DIY paint protection kits.  They generally have longevity issues from a wear and tear prospective (loss of gloss etc).


2 ply (Clear coated)

Films include; 3M Scotch guard, Bekaert Clearshield, Ventureshield Ultra and Avery Clear Coat.


The 2ply films were the standard a few years ago, however being paper backed suffer from orange peel.   They are generally thicker that Value films due to the clear coat, but do not offer the same clarity or protection as the Premium films, nor do they self heal.  


Premium extra Clarity

Films Include:  XPEL ultimate series, XPEL Stealth, Suntek, Hexis, Stek & 3M Pro. 


Premium films, provide the highest end of films on the market, however are more expensive than the other two categories.  As a material prior to install, they must be on a plastic backing sheet and do not have orange peel.  They provide the best quality finish and most longevity after installation.  The Premium films that we offer are also have self healing properties.





Please note that Cyclewrap will only use the XPEL Ultimate Series & Stealth premium extra clarity films as part of our service.  We install as per the manufactures procedures, and our own quality standards to ensure your bike leaves our workshop as perfect as possible.   

We regularly trial other other film types and keep up to date with what is newly released to the market, so we can ensure we fit only the best films to our customers bikes.  


We are so confident in our film choice and installation that we offer a warranty on the installation, to ensure our customers don't have issues with the film lifting. 

Cyclewrap would also like to urge caution to anyone thinking of purchasing cheap paint protection film or tape from Online Auction sites.  Cheap films flood these auction sites.  These films or tapes do not offer the same protection or durability as a genuine film (just try to tear it) and the adhesive used on these films are poor, where the film simply peels off over time,  or come removal, the adhesive is left behind on your frame or worse, your paint is peeled from your frame.  

When gaining prices and information about paint protection film and installers it can be hard to provide like for like comparisons, so please remember to ask the following questions: 

WHAT film is being installed?


WHAT coverage % of the bike is being protected?


WHAT warranty is being offered on both the film and the installation?