NoQuarter's speed detailer is the quickest and safest way to remove light dirt from your matte or gloss bike, leaving a layer of protection.

Quickly and easily remove dust, mud, light oil, contaminants, fingerprints and salt from your frame and components.

Speed detailer leaves a layer of protection which helps repel water and dirt, making future cleaning easier. Gloss finishes will become glossier, whilst matte finishes will become protected but stay matte. Protection lasts for 2 weeks or 2 wet washes, whichever comes first.


. 500ml
. purple in colour
. your bike will smell of summer fruits
. water will bead off your bike
. 40x40cm purple microfibre cloth included

Speed Detailer

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  • Directions for use;

    1) Mist the speed detailer onto a clean, dry microfibre cloth folded in half.
    2) Starting with your frame and forks, gently wipe the dirt away. Apply the same method to your components (avoiding braking surfaces, tyres and hand contact points)
    3) Use the clean side of the microfibre cloth to gently buff the surfaces of your bike, leaving a clean and dry finish.
    Braking surfaces and hand contact points should be avoided.