A super extreme gloss spray, just spray and wipe to reveal the ultimate wet look and protection. This water based liquid spray will give even most hard waxes a run for their money! It is safe to use on top of wax to give additional shine and protection, or to use as a stand alone product.

Made from the same ingredients as our flagship wax, emulsified in water with no alcohol, ipa or solvent. The coating is very hydrophobic meaning water repels quickly and water beads are tall and round, this is a must have product for a super glossy bike

Waxaddicts Fo' Show

  • Directions for use;


    Wet Application: After washing and rinsing spray directly onto wet frame paintwork. Dry as normal then buff with a clean microfibre after 5-10 mins.

    Max Gloss: After washing and drying spray onto each tube, wipe, allow to haze slightly and buff. Repeat as needed.

    Max Performance: Spray directly onto the cloth, wipe over the tube and allow to haze for 5-10 mins. Buff away with a clean dry microfibre. 

    Don’t over buff, or use pressure. Don’t use on braking surfaces and hand contact points should be avoided.